Dilvalo ki dilli and a hostile native state

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People have a strong instinctive urge to bend homeward. I am no different, a perfect example was my exemplary state of limitless joy in 2010 when IPL included the Cochin based franchisee (run by Gujjus of course) and later my joy turned to sorrow when the team was pathetically slid down the league table and sorrow to rage when the team and its owners were banished by the governing council (hated modi and tharoor at that time). Why? Coz I was born in the city of Cochin, my mother belongs to the same city and I am currently residing half a hundred miles off the city.

While growing up in Gurgaon, I always felt that Kerala was home and the language of Malayalam my 'home' tongue, my mother tongue being the beautiful and endangered language of Tulu. And honestly when I came back to Kerala after spending seventeen years in the Delhi NCR, I could never make myself feel at home. I always missed the land of Dillivalas.

I started finding reasons to go to Delhi frequently, be it attending 'sadela' supplementary papers from my pathetic engineering course or making short films, documentaries to signing contracts related to my book and photography. 
When my book came in May I was in Delhi, tried my level best to promote it there and inherently I was expecting to find my book showcased among the  new arrivals in Mallu bookstores, but alas! not even a single bookstore in the entire state carried the book written by a youngster born in the state! I had to distribute copies of book to the sellers (some of them were so hostile) based in thrissur and cochin. 

Three months from then, as I was checking insights on my facebook page, I learnt that the number of followers of my page on facebook were dominated by Dillivalas, while Kochi didn't even make it to the top ten list. Out of 7000 odd followers, more than 1000 were from Delhi NCR followed by Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Kanpur. However unlike earlier I was not expecting any kind of embracement from my natives. I was surprised and elated by the overwhelming response from the Northern region and maybe that's why they call Delhi 'Dilli dilvaalo ki', and I feel proud that growing up there has initiated me as a Dillivala myself... and I wait for my next trip to the hearty city of Delhi...

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