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Hey friends...

I have been finding myself in this emblematic dilemma for quite a long time. Having seen so many people writing blogs and stuffs about their daily lives. Now that really wasn't much of a job, is it? Choose a platform, write few stuff, upload a picture and post it online... done! But the question was, who's gonna read all that stuff anyway?

Some wise guy cracked long ago 'Karm karo... fal ki chinta mat karo', I'm following His suite, just posting and not expecting... just like the good old days where people used to maintain journals.

And for those who are Strangers to me... I shall introduce myself...

K.Hari Kumar is the 24-year old author of WHEN STRANGERS MEET.. He's also an international award nominated Photographer and independent filmmaker who has worked in over twenty television commercials, directed 6 short films and two documentaries (one for an international artist).

The Stranger's second short film 'The Man who loved me' was a commercial suspense thriller on homosexuality. The film was selected at the IFF 2011, Melbourne. His debut novel 'When Strangers meet..' is an adaptation of his first short film 'My name is Iyer'. The book has already sold out it's first edition within one month of it's release and has been featured in many presitigious Indian channels of print media.

His debut novel is a fast paced 'entertainer' that talks about father-son relationships from the viewpoints of three different strata of society and how the Story of one Stranger inspires the lives of the others.

When he's not writing or travelling, he works with his father in a small farm in the South Indian countryside.

Fine! I am too occupied with my short film Tum se hi right now, so I copy pasted this from my facebook page, which by the way is www.facebook.com/kathaharik. FYI, I have finally wrapped up my first ever attempt at filming a love story and it's called Tum se Hi. You can watch Tum se Hi on my facebook page or youtube channel tonight after 7 pm. Let me tell you I could never finish Tum se hi due to loads of problems, and only 70% of the movie was filmed, yet I have managed to complete it. Let me know how it is...

Peace out!

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