Tum se Hi (2013 Short film)

Have you ever loved someone so much that you ended up hating that person??? #tumsehi is the story of Hrehan who's reeling around that one moment which separates hatred from love...

Dearest friends...

I give you my long delayed... close to the heart project... Tum se Hi... 
Watch it till the last second... :) and leave your comments on youtube as well :)

Encouragement is always appreciated

K.Hari Kumar & friends

Tum se Hi...
Language : Hindi
Length : 12 minutes 29 seconds
Genre : Romance, Drama

After longing for two years, Jai finally gets a chance to meet the love of his life. Meanwhile, Hrehan is forced to confront his ex lover. How can a woman be the source of love as well as hatred? A romantic tale set in the heart of Delhi.
Can one moment in time be the root cause for a twist of faith?

To find out watch this romantic short film by Author/Filmmaker K.Hari Kumar & friends

Starring : Prayash Sharma, K.Hari Kumar, Autumn Rush, Vishal Bhatt, Sangram Gautam

Art Department : Bhargav Adhyapak, Sakshi Garg, Nalini Prasad, Mehak Mangla
Cinematography : Prayash Sharma & K.Hari Kumar
Associate Director : Prayash Sharma

Producer : Lakshmi KM

A Ravi Nidamarthy Musical

Dialogues, Screenplay, Editing, & Direction by K.HARI KUMAR

Official page : www.facebook.com/kathaharik

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